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What Would You Do with The Rest of Your Life if...

As of today, April 12th (2017)… 28% of the year is OVER! We will never be able to reclaim the 28% we have burned. It will NEVER return. I’m sure for many people so much has happened in the first 28% of this year. Lives have been altered, transformed and lost. No matter how much we wish or pray, we will never be able to gain back the time that has passed.

That information, in this context, is disheartening on its own. To know that nothing can be done about what has happened (good, bad or indifferent), can make anyone feel lost and out of control. What if you found out today that 28% (or more for that matter) of your LIFE was over! What if you were told that all of the crazy, reckless, and unproductive things that you have done up to this point have only drained your lifespan, and not added to humanity or your legacy in anyway. Would that information provoke you to change? If so, what would you change? Would you quit your job, or get one? Would you start a family or reunite with the one you have been estranged from? How would you maximize your 72%?

I dedicate this blog to those of us who can feel greatness bubbling inside of us… those who dream in grandeur, and hope in impossibilities. Set your course today as if your days to do so are numbered, because they are. Be great NOW! Don’t wait until you finish school, move to a new city, get married, or even your next milestone birthday. Start today… it’s the perfect time, and our world needs YOUR purpose. That 28% lost may not seem like too much in comparison to the 72% you have left, but when you consider how quickly it went by, and how little you’ve accomplished toward your maximum potential, I’m sure you would run out of time before you ran out of purpose on your present course.

Reinvest the seeds I have sown by writing this call to action. There should never be another delay on your dreams! Let’s do it together… starting right now!

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