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Other Accomplishments, Awards, and Honorable Mentions are:

Author of "Beyond Existence" - 1st in The Purple Passage series


Top Community Service Award for Most Hours Served - MPA 2015


Ms. Photogenic 2015 - Miss Plus America 2015


First Runner Up to Ms. Alabama Plus America 2015


Brand Ambassador - Full Figured Fierce

Word of Mouth Entrepreneur Network - Featured Speaker 


Huntsville Newcomers Club - Featured Speaker 


Oakwood University Domestic Violence Awareness Event - Featured Speaker


Alabama A&M University School of Engineering Freshmen Orientation - Featured Speaker 


Union Hill PB Church Mother/Daughter Luncheon - Featured Speake


S.W.A.G.P.P.A.C Symposium - Featured Speaker 

University of Alabama in Huntsville "Take Back the Night" Sexual Assault Awareness Event - Keynote Speaker

Alabama A&M University "Red Flag Campaign" Domestic Violence Awareness Event - Keynote Speaker

Red Hatters Women's Club Monthly Luncheon - Featured Speaker


Human Book "Survive and Reign", Human Library Project - UAH

Asha Kiran "Human Chain Event" for Domestic Violence Awareness month - Keynote Speaker

Women's March, January 2018 "Power To The Polls" Event, Huntsville, AL - Featured Speaker

Dressing Room 8 Online Bookclub April 2018 meeting

FaceBook Live Events - Featured Author


Team Member of TEDx VoyagerWay, as Speaker Liaison

Huntsville, AL



Ms. Kerri Davis - Model Author


Kerri L. Davis was born in New York, but spent her adolescent years in Alabama. She graduated from Alabama A&M University, a Historically Black University, with a degree in Marketing.

THE AUTHOR ~ As a self-published Author, Kerri Davis has completed the first installment in The Purple Passage Series entitled BEYOND EXISTENCE.


This, along with seven (7) additional books will profile taboo, atypical, and surprising intimate partnerships that contain varying degrees of domestic violence and abuse. Each story is told from the perspective of the victim to allow the reading audience to experience the journey in their shoes. There is one exception in which the story will be told from the “bystander” point of view. Many times people ask victims “why did/do you stay?” Although each story has its own set of circumstances, there is a common thread that runs through them all. The discovery of that thread in her own story, was the conception of my platform known as The Purple Passage.

The idea is that victims entering into "The Passage", have moved beyond the immediate need for intervention. They are no longer in relationships that threaten their existence, livelihood, prosperity, or sanity. Anxious to begin anew, these survivors continue to feel reluctant in connecting and trusting in relationship situations. Old triggers and vivid reminders will often debilitate them when opportunities arise for new love. Self-discovery is the key to healing. Peeling back layers that uncover recent and childhood wounds in an effort to become whole again, are the necessary evils to overcome in moving forward with an empowered mindset and healthy existence.

The Purple Passage is the intentional path that brings about the discovery of the origin of feelings of inadequacy, and low esteem. These components are the common factors that lead to the acceptance of abusive attachments. Forgiveness takes center stage in the ability to move through each segment of the passage. Shedding the weight of hurt, shame, rejection, deception, and personal attacks against the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nature, is what ultimately frees individuals from the imprisonment of abuse.

 THE MODEL QUEEN ~ Along with a strong presence in her regional plus modeling industry, Ms. Kerri Davis has successfully participated in the Miss Plus America Pageant System in 2015. Competing on the national level, Kerri received recognition for over 100 hours of community service toward her platform, and with her natural modeling abilities, was honored as Ms. Photogenic 2015. 


Modeling and plus pageantry made Ms. Davis realize that her life is a representation of possibilities in overcoming seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Carrying the dual titles of Ms. Madison County Plus America - 2015, and Ms. Nevada Plus America - 2015, Ms Davis used pageantry as a vehicle to share her personal platform known as "The Purple Passage". As the survivor of a recognized societal plague, her message targeted focus on the transition of victims of domestic violence and abuse, into their divine purpose in a victorious life.

THE ADVOCATE SPEAKER ~ The opportunity stimulated a strong connection with nonprofits and community resource organizations, and initiated an invitation to serve as an Executive Board Member for a local nonprofit organization known as Crisis Services of North Alabama. This organization is notorious for assisting families and individuals in crisis with shelter, court advocacy, and other resources within the Tennessee Valley, free of charge. 


Although domestic violence awareness is a passion because of her personal story, Ms. Davis is committed to engaging in a wide variety of community service opportunities. She believes violence and abuse can arise in many forms. Ms. Davis reinforces the idea that fostering a strong connection to all of the ways our community supports our lives, and minimizes the stressors that would bring about violent tendencies is beneficial to us all.


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