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When we allow people to negatively influence our decisions over the course of our lives, we take on the issues and habits of self-doubt, lack of confidence, and lack of creativity. We destroy the giftings that were planted in us before our conception, because we want to be acceptable in the eyes of those who have no knowledge of those gifts, or why they are necessary in this earth. Only our Creator knows the needs, before the point of crisis. Only He understands that the seeds he planted in each of us need time to grow, through the process of time, to maturity.

Learning to authentically own what was intended as our purpose, takes years of nurturing once you understand what has been planted within. But if you are surrounded by people who trample on your buds in infancy, scoff and laugh at your desire to be the entirety of what was always meant, or curse and kill your potential for genius level greatness because of their inability to conceive it; you will never own your purpose. As humans, we have a need to connect to one another. That is a commonality in the seeds we carry because our purpose is connected to, and specifically designed for the greater good.

Every element of our curiosity is directly connected to our purpose. If you have an interest in a particular area, follow that interest. It may lead you down a path of discovery that will connect the dots of your destiny. Using myself as an example, I never could have imagined that my childhood ability to creatively write, along with my adolescent desire to help in deeds or advice, followed by my adult interest in public speaking and passion for branding, marketing and fashion, would lead me to become a Model, Author, Speaker, and Advocate for issues around abuse awareness, and overcoming life’s challenges through empowerment. When you follow your curiosity and interests, you carve out the niche that is actually the NEED you were designed to meet in this earth. Once that happens, you will understand that your very life depends upon you fulfilling that purpose. Nothing else will bring you satisfaction. There is no substitute.

Many people believe that money can buy all the THINGS you want, which will bring happiness or at least contentment. When in reality the only thing money gives us is options. Having options will never fill the void of having purpose. Chase your purpose and the money and THINGS will chase you! The moment you get desperately focused on your purpose, you will become unstoppable.

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