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Holiday Narcissist… the Grinch of the New Millennium!

So you’re feeling the spirit of the season… you want to spread love and cheer. But be very careful my friends because the spirit you are feeling may not be about compassion or from a genuine place. Now more than ever, with the immediate gratification of social media, people are giving purely for selfish reasons.

In the age of the selfie and the creation of personas online, folks will do outlandish acts, and display personal triumphs for “likes” and “comments”. With phones at our finger tips capable of making pictures and instantly photo shopping them, not to mention record videos and now the growing craze of “live” broadcasts; we have access to a celebrity-like following and can aspire for the title of overnight Internet Sensation.

Our growing culture of narcissists has learned how to expand the reach of their popularity, but using “good intentions” as a platform for recognition. When once upon a time, we as people of God contributed to the less fortunate without public acknowledgement; how has it become so distorted and utilized for selfish gain? Documenting publicly how you picked a name off the angel tree, went shopping for, wrapped and delivered the gift, while commenting how good you feel about giving, really goes against the point of the deed.

It seems we need to revive the true spirit of giving, which is from the heart and out of compassion. Those acts never need to be seen or displayed for a viewing audience. I’m sure when it comes from the heart, the recipients will appreciate you more than five hundred comments and one thousand likes. The return on that self-less act is so much greater than any claim to fame. Sadly, many will focus on the looks of things and the opportunity to be seen as a savior.

As in the famous movie of how Christmas was stolen, the Grinch wanted to change the perception of the town during the most joyous time of the year by removing what HE thought was important to them. His view was narrow and he soon learned that the season was not about what he saw, but much more about what was felt.

I challenge all who read this to feel the love…grow YOUR heart this year, and give without tooting your own horn.

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