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How do YOU make the irrelevant RELEVANT?

Have you ever considered how YOU contribute to the new age hype of social media celebrities and nonsense? Speaking from a standpoint of someone who has studied the fine points of “Marketing” and “Promotion”, I know that most people don’t think about, or understand the power that they have in creating the overnight sensations of “regular folk celebrity”.

See, whether you agree or disagree with a person’s actions, thoughts, feelings, or lifestyle; when you share or re-post the foolishness, commentary, or image, you are essentially contributing to their new found stardom. You may be sharing your disgust or disagreement with what is happening, but it matters not how you feel about it. The only thing that advertisers, brands, and mainstream media care about is the fact that the post provokes an emotional response. The more responses, the more views. The more views, the more opportunities to get products and services seen by a broader audience.

Generally speaking, humanity has always gravitated toward controversy. Whether we agree with the matter, or are outraged by it, people will tune in just to see what the latest is on the topic. In the past, I too have been guilty of immediately making a decision as to what side I am on in a particular controversy, yet I will still entertain it until it plays completely out. I have even gone so far as to discuss the issue with friends, family and associates. Giving a 3-5 bullet explanation on the points that lead me to my decision. I have even pulled up the posting or information to share with someone who was unaware of the issue. So not only did I introduce the “hype” to a new contact, but I have promoted the matter, subconsciously encouraging them to interactively do the same in their circle of influence. Just sharing my emotional response, no matter what it is, has now engaged more individuals. Therefore, by word of mouth, the topic has grown exponentially.

The solution, in my opinion, to this epidemic is to resist the urge to comment, share or like ANYTHING you do not feel is a POSITIVE addition to humanity. People are opinionated. Everyone has the right to express those opinions. But be SELECTIVE about where YOU place your energy and support. Everything that was created, can be used for our good or our demise. Choose wisely! Individuals seeking out controversy, for the sake of attention which they can turn into a large payday, is at the heart of what tears down communities and nations. That old adage of money and fame being the motivation for what we perceive as external power, is very much alive. Today it’s being fed by those who seek it in unscrupulous ways.

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