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Does “TRADITION” suffocate “INNOVATION”?

How many times have you attended meetings, charitable events, conventions, or church services, which weigh in heavily on themes of heritage, tradition, and legacy? In those same settings, is there ever an opportunity for the establishment to consider the fact that times have and are changing, so must we? Evolution is the basis of all creation, and the common thread in not only our actions in this earth, but our survival and pursuit of abundant living.

Many people of all races take great pride in dressing up in their finest suits with Italian shoes, or draping themselves in “Mama’s pearls” and “Grandma’s heirloom earrings”, to show a stately presence for the city’s social elite at the function of the season. They line up in conference hall filling numbers, pay astronomical amounts for a mediocre meal, or sow large seeds seeking recognition as the most charitable heart in the room. Not to mention the opportunity for a photo op with those deemed to be the cream of the crop in their particular industry. Seated prim and properly, they listen to speeches and commentaries on what history has shown, and the success that has been accumulated using tried and true methods. In case after case, they self-righteously declare that the system has worked for generations so the system will remain.

But what of the needs of this era? Now it may hold true that there is nothing new under the sun, however creativity builds on what was done in the past. That is true whether we seek to be better or worse. There is no exclusivity when it comes to genius. It can be for evil or good! So allowing creativity to exist freely for those with bad intentions, without balancing it out for those with good intentions, will always keep us 50 steps behind in every societal issue.

So when do we stand up and say “hey, we have been successful at bringing awareness to this issue in the past… but how can we reach those that are yet to be found? In what way can we stir up the old with something new to get the message conveyed across a broader audience and effect change?”

Sadly in most instances, we don’t. We sternly look over our glasses at anything that is not like what has been. We frown and shake our heads before we even hear the entirety of the possibilities. If it’s different, it won’t work… if we tried it before and it didn’t work, it NEVER will. Because my linage has been doing it THIS way for hundreds of years, and I was always taught to respect tradition, I CANNOT TRY SOMETHING NEW! I should not think outside of the box…it would be blasphemous! Oh, and lest we forget the line that stops innovation dead in its tracks using fear of damnation… “That’s NOT God…He doesn’t operate like that!”

Don’t get me wrong…tradition should always be respected. It is truly the foundation upon which we build. But building is movement in an upward direction. There is no way to have momentum toward higher ground if all we do is dress ourselves up to come and stare at, relive, and converse about what was done before. I believe God is the SUPREME example of creativity and innovation. The first chapters of the Bible tell the tale of how on each of the first recorded days of time, God built upon and added to what He previously created. Out of seven days, He only rested and admired his work on one. So it would seem that THAT IS GOD, and He does operate like that… it’s time we EMULATE!

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