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Ugh! How do I figure out what my Purpose is?

Are you one of the many individuals who are frustrated, looking for that “thing” that you were created for in this earth? Today everyone is so focused on “discovering or uncovering life’s purpose” to have a more fulfilling experience of existence in this dimension. Seems as though every new age book, cd, video, blog and website, is shoving the idea of “passion” and “purpose” into our lives. But what if you have NO IDEA how to find your purpose? Does that mean there is no hope for you? Are you destined for a life of emptiness, and regret?

The answer to this puzzling series of questions is simple. “NO!” Everyone who has ever breathed on this earth, was created intentionally and to meet a need. No matter how long or short the life-span, our creator had a purpose for each life. When we reach a point in existence, we begin to ask ourselves (in various ways), WHY AM I HERE? The term ‘purpose’ is usually introduced by a spiritual leader, life coach, parent, teacher or counselor. No matter who we hear it from, it rings true to our very core… sometimes for many years, before we realize what it is. So how do we begin the journey of discovery in this area? What if nothing I have ever experienced feels like my purpose? Well let me share with you my thoughts on the primary paths, that will lead you directly to you answer.

The first path is called CREATIVITY. Exploring the things that you create (whether organically, or improvements on something in existence), will often times lead you into the space of realizing the answer to your WHY question. This includes hobbies, life hacks, and special interests regardless of what they are. Recognizing the way you respond to opportunities to be creative in a specific area, will allow you to expand your knowledge, and explore new ways your passion will benefit humanity, great and small.

The second path is called CURIOSITY. If you don’t feel particularly ‘creative’ in anything, my suggestion to you is to follow your curiosity. Things that peak your interest in conversation, reading, or viewing could lead you on a life changing trek. Countless life-altering products and services have been created from a simple curiosity. Questioning how something works, will lead to the idea that “it can work better if only…”! I truly believe, for the “creatively challenged” minds; curiosity is the vehicle for your journey to purpose.

It may seem to be a small thing that only YOU love, but the strength behind that love is what will birth greatness in you. Whether it’s through creativity or curiosity, love truly makes the world go and grow. Sending it into the world through your passion and purpose fuels every positive thing in mankind’s existence. I challenge you to embrace the explorer in you, and begin your authentic life of purpose!

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