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The COST of Friendship…

In today’s world of self-made millionaires, and entrepreneurial pursuing millennials, we may discover that many of our “friends” are leveraging their capital gains through our “friendship”. With the popularity of cult-like network marketing, multi-level business clubs and independent contracting opportunities; often times the individuals we have known for a lifetime or even a short time, turn into high pressure sales people in our lives. As a result our friendly conversations are now categorized by them only as prospecting.

How difficult has it become to connect with people for a simple conversation? Must there always be a financial motivation behind that coffee, or lunch meet up? For those individuals who are truly interested in simply introducing an idea to a friend, because it has turned your life around financially and you want the same for them because you truly care; this blog is not for you. There are those who will maintain a close connection with friends, regardless of whether or not they commit to teaming up with them in business ventures. They won’t harass them every other week to attend meetings, conference calls, or sales pitches from "teary-eyed" team leads, promising to “transform them into a life of independent wealth…Like me”! These people can actually accept your “no”, or “it’s not for me”, and still meet for lunch, chat on the phone, and stop by on Thanksgiving day for some of your mom’s dressing, with no further conversation about it.

However to those who have targeted friends and family as a means to a “tier”, ‘free travel” or the promise of a “free luxury vehicle”, I ask you… what happened to the genuine and simplistic terms of friendship. Are we so starved for dollars that we forget to authentically connect with current and new individuals simply because we enjoy their company? It is becoming increasingly more difficult to accept invitations to connect, without suspicions being raised around the motivation. Once upon a time, when you heard from a friend you had not spoken to in a while (or were introduced to a new acquaintance), excitement would fill your thoughts. An unsuspecting text, inbox or call, causing you to see that new or familiar name appear before your eyes…would bring a smile and elevation to the tone of your voice. “Yes! Let’s do lunch and catch up!” would generally be your response. Nowadays, in some instances, agreeing to meet with folks is just the first victory on their list of accomplishments. Reconnecting is not the primary goal. It is simply a side effect of adding to the team and under any other circumstance, would likely not happen.

So what do we do? Buy into the venture…spending hard earned (and likely predesignated) dollars, just to preserve the connection? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Even if we see a glimmer of possibility, but don’t feel 100% passionate about the opportunity, we should not commit to the undertaking just to make our “friends” happy with us. It does not make you less intelligent or less of a friend, because you choose not to force another “job” into your schedule, or drain on your finances.

It truly is OKAY to be satisfied with working for someone else, climbing the corporate ladder, or leading your own movement of positivity without thought to material possessions. The quality of your life is richest when you lock in to your inner voice, and tread fiercely in the direction of your own purpose. As for those connections, rest assure that The Creator will give you people for your life… where you are, in what YOU love. Make no apologies for your “no”, and no purchases for friendship!

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