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The Wizard of Oz Challenge… Staying Resilient, Purposeful and Positive in Seasons of Change

Are you a creative expressionist, or artistically gifted, or an entrepreneurial visionary who is finding it difficult to hold fast to your pursuits in the atmospheric shifts of today’s world? Do you struggle with falling back into the mundane routine of mediocrity after having an enlightened and highly spiritual wake-up call into your purpose? Have you questioned recently why it seems that things are much more difficult to accomplish toward your goals now that (after years of wondering aimlessly from interest to interest) you actually have them defined?

Well YOU are not alone. There is a constant “battle of the wills” when it comes to transformation. Personally, after years of sensing that there is so much more to my existence, I (like Dorothy in all of the famous renditions of the movie) exploded with exuberance and glee onto my yellow brick road of purpose. My journey was beginning and I was clear about the path I needed to take, never giving thought to what I would encounter along the way. I had a group of well-wishers sending me off, while a group of “flying monkeys” planned my demise and hoped for my failure. I connected with fellow seekers of destiny, and together we decided that there is safety in numbers.

Heading off determined and focused, I begin my journey with what I knew, while learning more about what was within me. My destination (Oz), though it was only meant to be temporary, represented new levels of wealth, abundance, knowledge and beauty. My interaction with the people who called this place home (the new circle of influence), upgraded my appearance, and enlightened me to new possibilities. The representation of ALL POWER and ALL KNOWING, showed me that as much as I thought I was ready, I had a challenge left unresolved. I no longer had to run from those things that have set out to destroy me by killing my hope of fulfilling my purpose. I can stand in my own God-given strength, and recognize that the proverbial witch and all of her minions truly have no power to end what God determined from the start.

We all are at some point in this journey. Our lives have been scripted by those seeking to entertain the world, but recognizing and learning from what we see and experience is what makes us truly AWAKE! At one point in this tale, each of the seekers on the path to greatness just wanted to sleep. The end goal was no longer a priority and giving in to the look and smell of a field of poppies consumed all desire to move forward. Don’t get lost in this moment. Don’t lose hope and settle in this moment. Maybe you just need to pause, and assess your surroundings. Usually doing this time of year, we try to get clear about our VISION. We set up boards with colorful images, and inspirational words to jump-start, and renew our commitment to reaching EMERALD CITY. However, we can overlook the fundamentals of where we are logistically, and frustrate ourselves in the early stages of executing our resolutions.

Are you sure you are still on the yellow brick road…or have you detoured through a field of poppies?


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